Trends in Digital Marketing that have Stood the Test of Time

Whichever type of business you are involved in, some trends will make you stay competitive and beat even the professionals in the market. With the ever changing digital marketing platforms, it is only wise to go with the changes and incorporate them into your business. This can be done by hiring companies such as In The Know Marketing.


Look At Customer Characteristic Trends And Behavior

When thinking or devising any marketing campaigns and marketing plans, one vital factor that you should always put in mind is understanding the customer.

•    What are the customer’s changing needs?
•    What do they want?
•    What characteristics are they looking for?


It is good to note that some digital marketing trends are short-lived while others are long term. Smartphones have proven to be a megatrend. More and more people realize the use of mobile phones for almost everything in their day to day lives. Mobile marketing is increasing in importance with companies such as In The Know Marketing advising the use of more online searches. They have been discussed in content such as the ‘9 Trends in Digital Marketing’ by Buckley Barlow.

Messaging Apps

Messaging can also be said to be a significant trend in town. Newer messaging app options such as paid media are expected to change the game even further. With these apps, reaching consumers will now be much easier than before.

Wearable technology

Healthy living is the order of the day in this day and age. More people are searching for information concerning health and also making decisions based on their health. This need for being healthy has led to the invention of wearable technology with health-related apps coming up every day. Individuals can now track their health goals and progress as they move. They can also monitor their routines and patterns and know where to improve.

What’s more, data can be collected from these wearables that help in coming up with even better products in the future.

Consumer marketers

Whenever a friend tells you how good something is, there is a high likelihood that you will believe him. As a result, you will want to try out the product and experience for yourself. This is the trend that marketers such as In The Know Marketing embrace. They use consumers as the marketers of their products. Some channels that can be used include Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram as perfect platforms for such marketing ideas.


Using omni-channels is another good way to get consumers to market your product. However, this approach is based on the consumer’s browsing history as well as related behavior. It is where you get to send particular messages to the consumer at the right time and in the right place. Since you have all the details from his behavior and browsing history, you know just the perfect message to send. Check out Ardor SEO

Content Remarketing

This is basically retargeting your client with certain types of content that you think will captivate them. You tag a reader that visited your site on a particular content depending on the kind of content they read previously. You have an opportunity to engage or interact with readers who are interested in your product. Giving them something new and tangible is a good place to start. You can also tag them on videos or current news that will keep them on toes with your content.

Advertise Through Social Media

Social media took the needs of individuals and turned them into tangible businesses. People are sharing their life experiences with the world and what a better way to do it than through social media. With this, marketers such as In The Know Marketing can now easily access information on what individuals want and give it to them.

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