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What to Ask Your Wedding Caterer Before You Hire Them

When it comes to wedding planning, you will find yourself planning the wedding reception menu more than any other aspects of the wedding (except of course for the dress and décor). Aside from spending more time planning the food, you are also expected to shell out a lot of money on your wedding catering Melbourne services. If you are shopping around in Melbourne in search of the best caterer to hire, you need to conduct an interview with the catering company. This will allow you to assess if they can meet your requirements, as well as discuss specific preferences you might have about the food served on your wedding day.

wedding catering melbourne

wedding catering melbourne

Below are a few questions you can start with:

Do you specialize in certain types of food or cuisine?

You need to ask this question before you sign a contract with Yarra Valley catering service, or any wedding catering Melbourne service for that matter. If possible, ask for a sample menu. This will give you an idea on what type of dishes they intend to serve your guests at the wedding.

Do you have previous experience with wedding catering?

This is another important question to ask simply because the demand of catering a wedding is bigger than other types of catering. A company that has experience serving on a wedding has an edge over those that lack the experience. For instance, they know what to expect and can deal with the fast paced nature of serving dishes at a wedding reception.

Can you do a taste test prior to the actual catering service?

If a company refuses to agree to a taste test, then you should move on. Whether you are hiring a caterer for finger food catering or full-on course meal, it is important to assess the quality of the food they serve your guests. You would not want to disappoint your guests with subpar quality of finger food Melbourne catering.

What is your average price range?

Cost is another crucial factor to consider when you want to hire a caterer for your wedding. It is also a practical consideration because you want to ensure that you can afford their catering service. Do they have a fixed rate? Are their prices flexible to suit your specific catering needs? Do they require a minimum number of guests to serve? What are the inclusions in the package offered? These are a few other considerations you have to make when evaluating the cost of hiring a caterer.

Who will expedite with the food service at the wedding?

It is important to have a reliable person to look after the quality of the food being served at your wedding. In addition, they must ensure that food is served on time to satisfy your guests. There is a lot going on at the kitchen during the wedding reception; however, having someone to look after every detail will give you peace of mind that the guests are not only fed, but that they are satisfied.

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