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If there is a need to move materials or equipment over a distance, then there might be a need for a gantry crane. This could be needed in a busy warehouse. Products have to be moved immediately from storage straight onto a low loader truck. This has to be done safely, efficiently and quickly.

gantry crane

This could equally be the case on a production line or in an assembly plant. Components, materials or items have to be moved exactly to where they are needed. The type of crane required will depend on the application. If heavy loads are being moved, then there could be a need for a steel structure. If the gantry crane is to be used as part of an assembly line for example, then it would be better to consider aluminum.

Gantry Cranes Explained

The gantry crane can be quickly assembled using either an aluminum or steal girder structure . This will have a free moving hoist system, combined with “runways”. This allows free movement of the hoist along the gantry. If changes have to be made then the structure can be easily extended allowing the hoist to travel a longer distance.

Supports can be done away with altogether by using either a Ceiling Supported Track Crane or a Cantilevered Track Crane. The Ceiling Supported Track Crane usually uses “droppers” to connect it firmly to a supporting ceiling structure. The Cantilevered Track Crane combines a wall mounted frame and bracing diagonal cross beams. Both these two systems have the advantages of freeing up floor space.

Jib Cranes

On the factory floor a jib crane could well be needed for a more specific role. The Jib cranes Australia market has a variety of choices when it comes to making decisions on what jib crane to use. These include an aluminum jib crane, which is a highly versatile and flexible. This can be used with chain and cable hoists, cable balances and vacuum lifting devices.

There are a variety of steel jib and slewing cranes that can also be supplied. These can have a maximum lifting capacity of 5000 kg and a slewing radius of up to 8 meters. This could also be the role a workstation crane. These are designed specifically for a workstation, such as a production line. Loads will have to be transported to exactly where they are needed during the assembling process.

Workstation Cranes

This could either be a workstation crane or light workstation crane. The system that will be set up has a high reliability record. This is due to very good quality components that are very resistant to wear and tear. This system can be operated at high speeds but with a high degree of accuracy. The aluminum light capacity gantry cranes are ideal for this use. They produce a very low friction operation.

There are a variety of cranes for sale, with the cranes noted above all available. These include the gantry crane, jib cranes and workstation cranes.

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