Nutritional components of baobab fruit

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The baobab seed and pulp were analyzed for proximate composition ,the seed was found to be a good source of energy ,fat and protein, the kernel and the pulp contain substantial quantities of calcium,potassium, magnesium and vitamins especially vitamin C. Besides ,it also in rich of aminoacids, glucose and fructose,so the baobab is widely used in modern medicine ,food ,beverage and cosmetics industry.

Below are some vital facts about Baobab fruit powder

§ 10 x the antitoxidant level of oranges

§ 6 x more Vitamin C than oranges

§ 6 x more antitoxidants than cranberries, blueberries and blackberries

§ 6 x more potassium than a banana

§ 2 x more antitoxidants than goji berries

§ More iron than read meat

§ More magnesium than spinach

§ More than twice the calcium level of milk

§ Valuable aid in the prevention and treatment of gastric and IBS disorders

§ Effective in treating osteoporosis, varicose veins and haemorrhoids

§ Beneficial to anaemics, anorexics, smokers and athletes.

§ Excellent ingredient in diets for diabetics (notably type II Diabetes).

§ Displays antioxidant capacity by fighting against the formation of free radicals.

§ Ideal in pre-biotic formulations, and stimulates the intestinal micro flora.

§ Great complement in diets for celiac diseases.

§ Good for vegans and vegetarians.

§ Antiviral properties.

§ Energy Booster.

§ Gluten free and ready-to-mix.

Baobab fruit has high level antitoxidant property, because its pulp found to contain high amounts of vitamin C. Baobab pulp contains more Vitamin C than orange ,kiwi, strawberry or grapefruit. Baobab fruit contains more than 12 minerals and vitamins which often consumed as a food or added to beverages, baobab fruit is sometimes used for medicinal purposes.

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